Friday, 8 December 2017


The popular definition for a family is that of two parents and their children who live together as one unit or descendants of a common blood line. Yes traditionally that's what family is, but I believe that the definition has evolved and now means more than that. A family does not necessarily involve persons who share the same blood line but also encompasses those persons embraced through friendships, communities and even at church. Some friends are even closer than one's actual family and become family by nature. In other situations I came across, I realized that not everyone is born in a supportive family ,whilst some lost their family members along the way thus they made decisions to choose friends whom they adopted as real family. Quite interesting isn't it?!

Families can be difficult, frustrating, loving and wonderful. We can love and hate them but nothing beats the love one gets from a family. Families are the biggest influencers of our personalities, fears, dreams, emotions and character . Through my and some of my friends' family experiences, the major common denominator is that what families go through,  either good or bad, shapes ones' character and views on how they deal with individual life situations and decisions.

Family is a significant entity and that’s why it is always difficult for people who don't belong to a family to discover their true self. Families will lay down their lives to lift up their own, sacrifice their time for each other and see each other through difficult times. So questions one might ask themselves is, 'Do I have such a family? What is my contribution to my family ? Am I always there for my family?

I will give an example of the human body, if the leg gets hurt, the mouth responds in pain and the hands do not know what to hold in response to the pain coming from the leg. Just like in families, when one is down it affects the whole family tree and they feel and share the same feelings with their loved ones. When they smile you smile, they cry and you cry.

Though family is beautiful there is need for communication and respect to  keep it together and functional. In between those busy schedules one should always take time to communicate with their family members, greet them once in a while with out being driven by a need or problem, just check up on them if all is in place. At times the people we call family can love you so much not to burden you and keep their issues to themselves, but it is always important to remind family how much they mean to us and that we will always be there for them no matter what.

Love is the bond that holds family together, you do not have to buy gifts to prove it. Time spent with them is more priceless. As we approach this festive season let's continue to bring warmth and love within our families and communities. As the year ends, let's celebrate the love we have for our families and everything we been through throughout the year , looking forward to a brighter new year. Let's celebrate our families no matter how you define family and who your family is, family is family.

Friday, 24 November 2017


What is friendship? I have realized friendship is defined differently by people and even the way one chooses their friends differs from one person to the next. There are childhood friends, high school and college friends and others we meet as life  progresses. A number of names have popped up that refer to different kinds of friendships. There are besties, bffs, bromances and a whole lot more. 

But what is friendship to me? To me, friendship is that relationship of mutual affection between people who care about each other and not limiting them to gender. I believe people of the opposite sex can be friends and have a pure, genuine friendship but hey, I realized this is a debatable issue. So let's leave it there. A friend is that one person you want to call if you have good news or bad, he/she knows what you like and what you don't like and can even make boring circumstances or errands fun. She/he is that one person you would seek advice from, talk about how that guy or girl is breaking your heart and you have ice cream together or watch that soccer game together. So if I meet you today don't expect me to say you are my friend, no you not.  We have friends whom we do not talk to often but believe in us as if they where family and the moment we meet it's like they never left. Those kind of friendships are just special like that. 

As much as it all seem fun and easy, I believe that friendship demands time and effort. It also requires one to put someone other than themselves first sometimes. Thus I realized in my past friendships (yes I said past) that the element of not putting effort and time in a friendship made it seem one sided thus affected these relationships and in the end all was lost. 

I also got to learn from my friendships that for the relationships to prevail there is need of honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and acceptance. I mean I have a few friends which is by choice and most are really acquaintances. However, my relationship with one friend differs from the other and I have to accept them as they are and their differences because each brings something to my life which is not the same as the other friend. I mean if you take a look at my friends, their characters and mine totally different but we blend like that. So I wonder "show me your friends and I will show you your character " does it apply always?

Then it comes to the question, how do you choose your friends? So this differs from one person to another because what attracted us to our friends is different but some things are similar. As for me, I chose my friends because of the similar interests and values we uphold. I mean I wouldn't want to be in a friendship which would cause me to compromise my own principles just for the sake of keeping the friendship. My friends also bring balance in areas where I am weak. What do I mean by this? I mean, for example if I have a bad fashion taste and my best friend is a guru in fashion, it would mean she would help me in that area. I mean we all have strengths and weaknesses thus the need for friends to pitch in and help us. Another important thing on how I chose my friends is their belief in Christ and their ability to celebrate with me on my success and motivate me to do more.

In as much as I have elaborated on importance of friendship, there is also what I call "dumping friends". It might seem harsh but it's not. According to a brainstorm session I did with a group of young ladies, most agreed that when friendships become toxic or when friends genuinely grow apart then it's a sign to call it quits. I believe one shouldn't hold on to something that's not working after all and no one said people would be friends forever. Life paths change, level of growth changes and a number of things affect different friendships. But we have all heard that friends can either make you or break you, this is true because these are the people you trust and open your life too, so be wise in choosing who you let in your life.

All I am saying is one should chose friends wisely and be able to let go of unhealthy friendships that hinder progress. Again, give what you expect to get. If you expect great friends then you yourself have to be one hell of a great friend. Check your friendships , are they worth it? What do they bring to your life?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Beautiful Scars 3: Her Journey

This week's blog features an amazing lady's story who went through the traumatic, the difficult but her faith, strength and hope kept her going. May Chacha's story encourage and inspire you. 

On June 16th 2014 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3, stage IIA. Gulp, that's some scary sounding stuff right?

Where it all began when I found a lump in my breast in 2012, worried I went to the doctor and had a scan, the doctor advised me not to worry as it was just a fibroadenoma. 1st lesson learnt, never keep a lump whether malignant or not. Get it taken out! Request a breast biopsy to be sure. A scan may not pick up a malignant lump as in my case. Knowledge is power. If I had known earlier when I found the lump , my cancer could have been treated in the early stages using less harsh methods. Anyway everything happens for a reason. I do not believe in regrets but in learning from your mistakes, please learn from my experience.

Fast forward a year and a half later, the lump became painful. By this time I had moved jobs and was now working for pathologists. As soon as I told them about my painful lump they immediately ordered me to have a breast biopsy. I got the shock of my life to find out the lump was malignant. I was 27, led an active and healthy lifestyle, hardly a candidate but it just goes to show that statistics are just that STATISTICS. You can always fall on the other side of the stats, don't take anything for granted. 

Thankfully my employer was very supportive. Second lesson learnt, God puts you in the place he needs you to be. A few weeks before I was diagnosed, one of the pathologists asked me what I was doing working for pathologists, she expected me to be working for some big corporate seeing as I am a professional. I now know God placed me there for such a time as that. In a big corporate I would likely not have had access to the financial resources and knowledge my employers, specialists in the medical field had for me to tackle this monster. They took me under their wings and ensured I had access to the best treatment. I was also fortunate to be on a good medical aid plan that covered treatment outside the country, which sadly most women who find themselves as victims cannot say. I thank God for this privilege and though I sometimes suffer from survivors' guilt, I know surviving means I must do my part in helping those who do not have the same privilege I have been accorded. To whom much is granted, much is expected.

After my initial diagnosis, I went for a second opinion. I met with a breast surgeon, from there things happened fast, next I was in hospital having a lymph node biopsy which confirmed the cancer had not spread outside my breast, thank God! After that I saw the oncologist who prescribed my chemotherapy regime. From there I was back home to face life with cancer. I started 6 months of chemotherapy, 6 sessions of 3 weekly cycles which were grueling to say the least. I lost my all my hair, yes even down there, lashes and all! Never in my entire life have I missed shaving my legs and armpits but this time I definitely did! The things we take for granted in life. Everything on me turned black my nails, hands, soles, tongue and even my complexion. Add to that I put on 7kgs of weight, devastating I tell you. I felt unpretty in the words of TLC but I guess it was a small price to pay to stay alive. My cancer was o estrogen positive so I also had to take a drug called tamoxifen. This induced menopause meaning no periods and terrible hot flushes, the worst thing ever to happen to a woman. There were moments I thought I would die if I had to have another hot flush. When you think you'll die, chances are you won't!

To help me prepare for my chemo journey I got my eyebrows tattooed on, a nice little secret Prof M let me in on. I was even lucky enough to go when they were on half price special, "whoohoo" nothing like a good bargain.  I also got a lovely wig, which was the envy of many. This brings me to lesson number 3, never envy the next person you don't know their story. Very few people who stroked that wig longingly knew what lay beneath it. I always had to have my nails done to cover the black mess they were. It may seem vain, but these small things helped to lift my spirit and make me feel feminine and beautiful during this difficult time. Chemo was a monster of sorts! The smell of food made me sick. I craved weird things like sadza and maguru, Schweppes orange and pineapples. I indulged myself though because eating was difficult so if I found something I could tolerate, I ran with it.

When you have everything all planned out, life is what happens next. Just before I was diagnosed I had booked myself and some friends on our first big trip off to Mauritius, now how was I going to go to the beach weak and hairless?

 Lesson number three you are stronger than you think and you are what you say you are. I decided now way was I going to miss out on my already paid for holiday. I would make it by hook or crook and I did exactly that! We went on holiday shortly after my  3rd round of chemo even though I was progressively weaker by that time. I spent two days in bed whilst on holiday but I made every other moment count and summoned all my strength to paraglide, sea walk, raft and snorkel in the Indian ocean, something I never imagined I'd be able to do under those circumstances.

Not only had I planned a big holiday, I had my registered for final qualifying exam. The chemo was causing my memory to fail me slowly but surely (they call it chemo fog). I barely had energy to study as most of the time I was very tired or just plain nauseous. My prayer to God was he would give me wisdom to recall all I had learnt over the 5 years I spent preparing for this exam. 
Lesson number four, what a mighty, miracle working God we serve, not only did I pass that exam, I passed in the top 10 nationally! Something I had never imagined. I give all honor and glory to God and take no credit for this achievement.

The last two rounds of chemo were really bad, at this point the minute I sat in the chair at the chemo unit, I started to have panic attacks because my body just couldn't take it anymore. My veins and my arm were permanently swollen because of the intravenous needles used to administer the drugs (no they do not burn you during chemo as I always used to hear). I had to be sedated to get through my sessions but by the grace of God I made it. I responded well to the chemo and went for a mastectomy, reconstruction and breast lift all in one go, yeah that's a mouthful and another testimony here. Whilst I was busy organising finances for my treatment, flights, accommodation and medical aid admin my breast surgeon emailed me not to worry as she had put my name forward to be considered for their breast excellence centre programme and I was accepted. This meant my operation would be done for free! Everything was covered including my breast implant. All I had to do was show up. The only charges were for hospital consumables, a nominal fee which my medical aid covered in full post operation. My operation was successful. No further traces of cancer were found. I healed well, the remaining scars simply there to remind me that God fought for me to be here.

On the day I was diagnosed as I sat on my couch crying, I was overcome by an overwhelming peace and God whispered that I would be ok. God watches over His word to perform it. I was more than ok, I was victorious. I thank Him for the peace to accept my situation and strength to soldier on even when I was at my lowest and did not think I could carry on. He blessed me with wonderful people who helped me through a very difficult time. He made a way in the wilderness. God came through for me in more ways than I can explain. His favour located me and surrounded me as a shield. Those who knew me could not believe I was sick because I was glowing and radiant throughout. The anointing of Jehovah Mkaddesh .My prayer was this sickness will not end in death but will be for the glory of God and I stand here today as a testament of Jehovah Rapha's grace and faithfulness. The balm of Gilead healed me.

May my story encourage  you today in whatever situation you face, we serve a living God. Cancer is not a death sentence.

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy but at the end of the day I believe it is worth it. Forgiveness is the ability to let go of all the pain and suffering that another would have inflicted on you and not hold grudges. It is when you set aside all your differences and come to a realization that the past is past and it's time to move on. Forgiveness involves giving up or letting go of any claim to compensation for the hurt one would have caused us, the renewal of your heart, your mind and spirit, replacing the bad thoughts and feelings towards a person with positive feelings. 

Ephesians 4:31-32: Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.

Of course it is not easy to just wake up one morning and forgive that person that did you wrong but it is not healthy as well to stay angry and bitter forever. Anger and bitterness reduces the chances of progress in life and distracts you from your purpose . I mean what good comes out of an angry and bitter person, nothing? Everything you might want to touch or even try to do fail because of unforgiveness which then hinders progress. 

I realized that most people including myself at some point in our lives carried anger, bitterness and resentment of failed relationships into the new relationships. Not only am I talking about romantic relationships but even non- romantic relationships. I wouldn't lie and say I never struggled with unforgiveness, I did but I learnt the benefits of forgiveness and my life was never the same .

I learnt that forgiveness opens doors to so much happiness, improves one’s health and you develop a peace of mind. Not only that, but you realize that socially you improve even in the way you relate to different people you meet along the way. One has to realize that, being bitter and angry and bottling things inside will not help you achieve anything. Actually you will be doing more harm to yourself than anyone else. Yes! Most would believe that the person they aren't forgiving is the one being punished in the process but no, you are punishing yourself. Seeing that person who wronged you and you change the direction of your path or you look at them like they are a nuisance. Who are you hurting, yourself? There is no life that's enjoyable when you are always angry and bitter, not open to those good feelings and happy thoughts. Let go, let it all go, you won't lose anything but actually gain a lot. 

I have also noticed that you can be angry and bitter at someone but funny thing is their lives didn't stop because you are angry. They are probably getting ahead with their goals and purpose in life and you are stuck in the past being bitter and unforgiving. These people would probably have asked for forgiveness but chose not to dwell on your unforgiveness since they played their part in the whole process. Looking at it , you the unforgiving person you are hurting yourself more than you are hurting that other person. 

Many may think that it is unfair to forgive that person who hurt you the most and letting them off easily without paying for the pain caused. Most would think they are getting freedom whilst you got pain but watch this, if you release them God will do what only He can do. Through forgiveness comes blessings and these blessings come from obedience.  

I believe also that forgiveness does not only involve you forgiving another person but also forgiving yourself. In life, we go through so many struggles, probably make horrible decisions that affect our future decisions, get involved in stuff we weren't supposed to. But I understand that forgiving oneself from what you even put yourself through is necessary. It helps in rebuilding one self’s confidence, strength, emotional and psychological well being thus leading to healthy and conscious decisions and healthy relationships with people. If one can forgive themselves then they are able to forgive others.

Friday, 27 October 2017


The hand picks what it loves and favors. When you are hand-picked it could be that you are loved and favored. Favor also encompasses separation from the rest, because it removes you from your comfort zone and sets a clear difference between you and those you are on the same level with. 

Let’s take an example of a beautiful flower. It is the most beautiful and outstanding amongst many other flowers but because it finds favor with its owner it is handpicked and plucked out from the rest of its kind. This is both wonderful and painful at the same time because that is what being unique comes with, you become separated from the rest. But this handpicking, in as much as it is painful it comes with so much positive benefits. Your uniqueness attracts great things and opportunities and as that beautiful flower you create another new breed of unique flowers like you, hence God handpicked you because you found favor in His sight. 

In my own personal experience of being handpicked, came the joy of realising that I am unique and different from others. When His hand is upon me, what more would I ask for. However, as one begins to rise out of that basket, you suddenly begin to feel the separation. In that moment of separation, comes rejection as no one reaches to you often, and few may understand why you are in that place that you have being selected to be in. So questions start arising within you, asking yourself what’s wrong with everything, why am i alone? You take a good look at the man in the mirror and realise not only are you talented and good looking, you don't seem to have anyone around you cheering you on?

When the Lord's hand is upon you and He places you in that position He handpicked you, there comes a sense of belonging. Like a flower picked and placed before an audience that is captured by who you have become, everything begins to make sense. You begin to understand those moments of separation and rejection from your own kind. 

If you have a special purpose, expect these kinds of moments. All great men and women who have ever achieved great things in order for them to be outstanding had to stop following the crowd to follow their passions. If they kept following the crowd they might have been discouraged about their vision. This is why being handpicked is important, it separates you from the rest and prepares you for your special purpose.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Beautiful Scars 2 : Pink October

                                    Everyone Vs Cancer (pink gloves concept) credits: @ProphecyOfficial

At some point in our lives we acquired scars through different ways and of course we would look at them and say they making our bodies look ugly. These scars can serve as a reminder of what we went through and endured in order to overcome a certain situation. But here is the thing, if we look at those scars and what they represent we would see that they are beautiful. It might be an operation of you giving birth and yes, you got a scar from it but you gained a beautiful little someone.
As we all know October is pink month and we get to stand in solidarity with everyone in the world affected by breast cancer and those who overcame the fight and also honour those who were taken from us, for they fought a good fight. Cancer is a very deadly and cruel disease and fighting the battle is a difficult journey but it can be overcome and won. In the process of fighting cancer, physical and emotional scars are acquired.
Today I want to talk about the beauty of breast cancer scars. To everyone who was affected by breast cancer out there, let your scars be a reminder that you fought and won a battle and behind those scars you call ugly is a beautiful and strong person made in the image of God. Wear them with pride knowing that you beat cancer, tell your story and let those scars be an encouragement to someone going through what you went through and assure them that it is possible to come out of it. Be their heroes and never be ashamed of those scars for they represent a beautiful story. There is beauty in everything and hardships and pain always lead to something beautiful.
To all those who are affected with breast cancer and fighting this battle, I want to encourage you to never give up, don't stop fighting. After the battle is won everything will be beautiful and you will wear your scars with so much pride and look at them and say Yes I Did it, Yes I Beat cancer.

As Alessa Cara sang "There is a hope that's waiting for you in the dark, you should know you are beautiful just the way you are. You don't have to change a thing, the world can change its heart. No scars to your beautiful, we stars and we are beautiful."

She maintains her smile, and gathers around with others in celebration yet she bears a scar on the inside. This wonderful character combined with the physical scar is what I call a beautiful scar. At times the thought wakes up to greet her early in the morning to remind her of the burden she carries, but she will bath, dress good, put on her make up 

and perfume, walk out with confidence ignoring the tormenting thoughts that want her to lose confidence. Ladies and gentlemen that is what I call a beautiful scar.

The beauty of the scar is seen by how one handles the burden they are forced to carry. They have learnt to carry burdens with joy, like a pregnant woman with twins, she has so much excitement. This is what I respect about these heroes, so let’s stand behind them as they fight this burden to overcome, because with God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37)

Therefore, as we commemorate Pink October, let us support each other and make a stand that we will never give up, that breast cancer will not take more of our beloved ones. Let us all go for mammograms so we prevent loss of more lives and support and encourage those who are fighting for their lives and honor those who were taken from us. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Self Love

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word self-love? Is it “taking selfies”? Is it about being selfish, pompous, and self-centered? NO! Self-love is the ability to accept who you are, what you are, what you have and how you look. Self-love is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and not to try and change yourself to suit other people's opinions or to gain acceptance in the society or from friends and colleagues. It is important to living well because it influences decision making processes e.g. choosing a mate, problem solving and how one carries and expresses themselves. Trying to fit in, to be something one is not always comes with so much emotional effects. I believe when one truly and deeply loves themselves there is no stress. No stress why you want to lose weight or gain it, no stress why the next person has this and that and you don’t.

I wouldn't want to lie and say I deeply understood what self-love is. Before, I also would worry about what people think of me, and would let their criticism get to me. People would say you too slim, you too tiny, you too young but now, to me that sounds like a broken record. I wouldn't care less because I am comfortable with who I am, what I want and my purpose and I wouldn't change it for anyone because it  is MINE after all. I also grew up seeking approval from friends and family and realized that made me not be myself in a way and added to my emotional struggles. Thoughts running through my head would be: "Am I not good enough?" What did I even do wrong? If I do this would they still like me? But because I took time to find myself I now understand what self-love is. The moment you do, trust me you will always feel content. You can't buy self-love or be made to love yourself more by other people but you grow in self-love.

Self-love involves a number of aspects that one has to embody to fully enjoy its benefits. By expanding self-love one begins to accept and understand better their strength and weaknesses and grow to love and be compassionate to themselves and others and even have less need to explain their shortcomings.
We all have to be mindful of what we think or feel and want and not base it on what others want. You cannot please everybody in this world thus whatever you do has to also make you happy. Your life's decisions have to be yours and not contaminated by what your best friend thinks or want or even family especially if it will negatively affect you in the long run. I am not saying one shouldn't be given advice or be rebellious. All I'm saying is after the advice, the decision is yours. l also believe  that to grow in self-love, we have to resist going after things that excite us for a moment but rather focus on growing and expanding our lives and move away from the probability of making past mistakes that would hurt us again.

Yes we have to be mindful of what we want and feel to grow in self-love but that's not the only thing. Self-love also is about self-care and health. This encompasses nutrition, hygiene, health and proper sleep. I am slim but I actually do exercise, like a proper work out. I mean who said exercises are for those who want to lose weight only? I exercise because I love my health and need to keep fit and make sure my body is toned and blood circulation is perfect. I make sure everything around me is in great condition and that my environment is clean, that's the definition of self-love.

However I say to myself yes my hygiene is on point is that all? What’s left? That's when I realized also that for me also to truly grow in self-love, I need to set boundaries in terms of protecting myself from anything that can harm me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I began to associate myself with the right people and building healthy relationships. People who lifted me up, encouraged me, helped me to grow and didn't look down on me or laugh at my losses. I did also cut ties with a number of friends and realized as you grow older, the fewer friends you get. I allowed myself to have healthy relationships only and in the process protect myself. The good thing also in the process I did gain a few extra healthy relationships with amazing and wonderful people.

As I walked the journey of finding myself, I realized that I was too hard on myself. I used to beat myself up if things were not going well or if I made mistakes. But the other good thing about self-love is forgiving yourself. We all make mistakes, we are human and all we need to do is learn, grow and move on. The moment you forgive yourself, you identify your purpose and goals. If your intention is to live a healthy life, travel the world, do charity work, do just that and you will see that you will even love yourself more when you succeed and achieve your goals and intentions. One of my life's intentions is charity work and I do that through "knit a hat" and trust me, I am proud of myself and love myself more and the love for others even grows each and every day.

Self-Love is not selfishness, this kind of love keeps me alive here on earth, because if I have no love for myself it means I live anyhow, do anything, get involved in anything whether it hurts me or not. In a way to love yourself is protecting your life, if I do not then who will? If I do not spoil myself with the nice food and clothes who will? Of course I am not putting God and friends out of the equation, but friends may not be able to go the extra mile to satisfy my needs, that’s when God and self-love is key.
So learn to fully appreciate who you are, and give yourself the best treatment and compliments that people will hold back from you, encourage yourself to be the best always in all things.

Friday, 6 October 2017


When you hear the word dating, what is the first thing you think of?  Life partner, window shopping, fun and games? This is an interesting, broad and also controversial subject in a sense. In fact most emotionally related problems that affect young people, like depression, rejection, and low self-esteem come in relation with dating.

We all want to be loved and given attention, and these desires snare us to get into relationships, but some people get so caught up with the need to be loved that it blind folds them to see clearly when dating. Then some people face heart aches after heart aches and this has chiseled them to become experts in guarding their hearts from yet another heart break. Although there is a tendency of over mastering this art to the point that they become manipulators to the other partner in the relationship in order to protect their interests.

At times the person we like, is not the one who likes us back, but we may later discover that, after giving them a chance that this person is the one we never want to let go. And the opposite is true, the person you thought you liked, you may later realise it was just infatuation. So many dynamics with dating right! Hence the need to get to know someone first  before you get into a relationship with them.

Some theories on dating suggest that it is a time where you get know the other person and see if you are compatible or not and if you are not, you move along. The theory suggests that one can have more than one date at the same time since no physical emotions are involved and it should normally not take a long time to decide on compatibility. Again this is debatable too for some, because of societal and cultural perceptions thus it is believed that one should be committed to only one partner whilst dating just as in marriage and if you entertain another partner whilst dating someone else it is as good as cheating and might even cloud your judgement by comparing the two.

What does God have to say about finding a partner in the Bible? Let’s look at (Isaiah 34:16) “Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.” Amen.
The Lord who created Adam and Eve, the first couple says in His word in Isaiah 34:16 that, all will have their mate and His Spirit will bring them together. But for this to happen, one has to be totally surrendered to God, and His Spirit so that it brings them together with the right mate. God designed us differently and He knows how we function, and what we need to function well. So with that knowledge He then uses it to connect you with the perfect partner if you are willing to let His Spirit link and lead you, for He says, He has commanded that all shall have a mate not one will lack, which means there is a perfect match out there for you and the Lord will  connect you with them as  long as you let Him.

As I mentioned this is a long broad topic and can be discussed about from different angles, but we will probably get into that some other day. Today's article is just a brush on the surface, on what dating is according to different thoughts but we will definitely go deeper next time. I also open up to the readers to type their questions and contributions about their view on dating in the comments section below and I will tackle them and present on this blog

Friday, 29 September 2017

Two Words That Can Change Your World

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the ability to show kindness and appreciation. Most would describe it as showing love and appreciation to different individuals who make an impact in their lives. However, I got to understand that gratitude is deeper than that. It is not only about showing kindness and appreciation to people who influence our lives the most or those who directly have a huge impact in our lives, but also to strangers, acquaintances and colleagues.
No matter how big or small the deed is the two words "thank you" are essential and can put a smile on someone's face and bring warmth to their heart. We might take it for granted and not say thank you even for the smallest things but it is necessary because you never know what doors or opportunities that thank you would open for you. We should learn to appreciate different people that we meet in our lives, some may not give us material things like our parents or family but the love, the smiles and the lessons we learn from them through interaction are worthy. They are investing their time in making sure you get all the support, encouragement and love and that's priceless and special hence we ought to appreciate and say thank you. 

Most of us have friends whom we have grown to even call family but, we have never said thank you for what we have put them through. For the  time they stayed awake comforting us from heart breaks, doing activities they don't really like just to see us smile, encouraged us when we felt discouraged and supported us through thick and thin. Have you ever taken time to thank them? If not, what are you waiting for? At times even if you do not feel like being thankful to someone even for the little thing, just say thank you because those two words can go a long way and spark something in another person's life.
There is also a heartbreaking mentality that some of us display. Yes our parents are obliged to take care of us as their children when we are young and dependent but that does not mean you don't say thank you father, thank you mother for raising me up to become the man/woman that I am today. They need to be appreciated for the hard work and perseverance. Parents go through a lot just to see us happy and have the best things in life they probably never had

Above all things it is also important to give thanks to God for everything.
“O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His loving kindness endures forever” (1 Chronicles 16:34). Always and forever above all, thanksgiving belongs to God, whether you are surrounded by good or bad circumstances. Thank the Lord for all things no matter how big or small. Nothing is too big or too small when it comes to God. Do not wait for that big promotion or car to say thank you God. What if you get that car and you lose your eyesight? The smaller things matter too, thank Him for waking up alive every morning, for the ability to walk, talk and see. Let your gratitude come from within and experience His love and kindness like never before.

I may not have said thank you enough but that is changing. I thank God for my life and really do appreciate all the women and men he put in my life. To my family and friends this is my open thanksgiving note to you. Thank you for loving, supporting, comforting and encouraging me and standing by me through thick and thin. Thank you for the laughter and tears and, I am the woman that I am today because you decided not to give up on me and for that I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart. I would like to encourage everybody to do a little exercise with me. Text, call, send a postcard, anything to people in your life or even strangers saying thank you, no matter who they are and if you want to share what you  experienced, please feel free to give me feedback via my email below. 
Gratitude is a powerful emotion.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Beautiful Scars

Life as we know it has wonderful times and its challenges too, and each and every one of us go through this. The problem is most tend to dwell much on the bad. Of course things happen and probably we do not take it well but we have to move past it and get rid of that pain deeply buried within us, mend our brokenness and shine.

Wounds are like teachers, they instruct and remind us of certain paths in life that we should never take.
They also serve as an instructor to our peers, to protect them from getting the same wounds we got. At times it can be God's doing as a way to teach us (Job 5:17-18):
"Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole."
God also comforts us when He wounds us, He controls life and when you aquire a wound through Him, it does not kill you; it teaches you. These are what I believe to be "beautiful scars". Not pleasant to aquire but also serve as a testimony of survival.

Situations such as broken families, failed relationships (romantic and none romantic), divorce and failed friendships may also leave us broken hearted. And most people tend to blame themselves for these mishaps in their lives and won't allow themselves to live a peaceful life. No one asks for bad things to happen in their lives but there is a reason why God let it happen.
There are some wounds so deep and not easily forgotten e.g rape, domestic violence and discrimination. These wounds carry a lot of pain, and unwanted memories, but survival from such trials and your story can help those that go through the same challenge. It becomes  a helping hand to uplift another person, a tragedy turned to "beautiful scar".

God does not put you in a situation He knows you can't handle and He brings different people in your life so you learn a couple of lessons from them.
Feelings and emotions may lie to you that God does not love you but God will never remove His love for you. You might have gone through divorce, rape, abuse, abandonment or even lost a loved one but that pain you felt or still feel does not define you. Don't let that pain be  part of your life forever but let it make you stronger. Let it make you desire only the best that God has in store for you.

Trust me when I say brokenness can make you feel depressed and lonely and even resent the people around you because of what you went through and from my experience it's not a great feeling. But I made a conscious decision that my life will never be defined by the negatives, loses and challenges I encountered in my life's journey.

I stumbled upon a Japanese concept whereby broken clay pots or any piece of furniture is not thrown away but put back together and painted gold on the cracks and thus it all looks new and beautiful with its cracks. I got a deeper lesson from this that in life we can be broken and have scars from different things we encountered but let's paint our scars gold and shine. 
The world shouldn't see our scars but rather see beautiful people who do not let life situations define them. No one is broken beyond repair, you can pick yourself up and make your life amazingly beautiful. Paint those scars gold, silver, bronze and turn something ugly to something wonderful and exquisite. 

Sometimes it takes being broken to be a better version of yourself. Be inspired!

Friday, 15 September 2017

"Unconditional LOVE."

"Unconditional LOVE."

Love is a very common subject and it has different meanings to different people. I believe that love is unconditional and is a special gift that God gave to mankind. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Love indeed  knows no hate or selfishness. The love I am talking about is the love that has no dependency and has no boundaries nor is it limited to one person or two people in a relationship. 

The love I am talking about is one that accommodates all things, from people to all of God's creation. God is love, if you love God you love everything about Him including all He created.

God's unconditional love does not choose, it is compassionate and kind. There is nothing that is so fulfilling than loving and caring for someone you don't even know with a genuine heart. Just like Mother Theresa who spent all her life loving and caring for everyone around her no matter who it was. She dedicated her life so that someone would experience the gift of love and happiness and she would say "We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with Great love."

Everyone has the capability to love and looking at the world today, so many people need to be loved. In fact everyone needs love. If we all could appreciate one another there wouldn't be "black, white or mixed race" talk and definitely slogans like "black lives matter" wouldn't exist because love does not encompass that.

Children living in the streets, abandoned new born babies, wars all that wouldn't exist if we all understood what love is. 

Love does not begin when you find that special person to walk down the aisle with. NO! It all comes from within and it starts by  accepting and caring for those that are around you, helping those in need and as the Bible says in Matthew 22:39, Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. 

We all need each other, let's go out there and be selfless and love like we never loved before with genuine hearts.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Danie - Listen to the expert

Experience indeed makes one an expert, and our mothers who have been on earth longer than us younger girls have a lot to teach us about life. Regardless of the fact that we exist in a generation where technology is growing fast or that we are technologically smart does not mean that we are smarter than our mothers when it comes to life issues.

Mothers have great wisdom, hence we must strive to learn as much as we can whilst they are still with us.
Imagine a world without women. Unimaginable isn't? 

God created a woman with extraordinary characteristics which makes her unique. She can carry so much burden on her shoulders but still smile, she goes through so much pain but still smile, she walks through her life's journey facing so much but still come out strong. 

To every woman out there, you are special, keep writing your stories and don't let anyone write  them for you..

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

About Danie

My name is Alice Dananai Nyampinga. I was born and bred in the beautiful nation of Zimbabwe. I studied Development Studies and I have an honors in that field. I am someone who is very passionate about development work, charity work and issues that concern women and children. I started an initiative with a couple of ladies called knit a hat whereby we knit hats with our own hands and donate them to underprivileged kids and we have been doing that for a couple of winters now

Besides knitting, I have braiding skills, I'm also passionate about decor, cooking and photography. I would say I am sweet ,sophisticated,adorable and intelligent love learning new things, even took up some Spanish lessons. 

My goal is to inspire young women out there to become what they dream of, great women who are world changers that leave a mark in this world.